Why can't I log in?

Reset Your Password
If you're having trouble accessing your account, you may need to reset your password. You'll need to enter the email address associated with your Shutterstock account. A link will be sent to that email address to a page where you can reset your password. An email confirmation that includes your login information will confirm that you have chosen a new password.

Ensure Cookies are Turned On
If you have entered your login credentials correctly and still can’t log in, your internet browser may not be set to accept cookies. You can log in only if your browser is set to accept cookies.

Here’s how you can change your browser's cookie settings:

  • Chrome: Turn cookies on under Settings>Show advanced settings>Privacy>Content settings. Make sure that "Allow local data to be set (recommended)" is selected. Click "Done."
  • Firefox: Turn cookies on under Tools >Options >Privacy >Use custom settings for history >Accept cookies from sites. Click on "Exceptions," enter Shutterstock.com and click on "Allow."
  • Internet Explorer: Tools >Internet Options >Privacy >Sites >Enter shutterstock.com and click on "Allow" and "OK."
  • Safari: Choose "Preferences" in the toolbar >Click on the "Security" icon >Under "Accept Cookies" choose the "Always" or "Only from sites you navigate to" must be selected >Close window.

To make sure you get the best browsing performance on Shutterstock, we recommend downloading the latest version of your favorite browser.

If you still can't log in, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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