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When can I download my Images?

The timeframe during which you can download Images depends on the type of plan you have.

Professional Plans (monthly subscriptions)
Each month in our Professional plan consists of one full calendar month, which begins on the date of activation. For example, if you begin your plan on February 1, it will expire on March 1.

With our Professional plans, you'll have one calendar month to download your allotted quantity of images, depending on your plan. If you run out of downloads in one month, you'll have to wait until the start of the following month to use more. Note that subscriptions renew each calendar month on the date the plan was activated (or the last day of the following month). For example, a plan purchased on July 5 will renew on the 5th of each following month, while a plan purchased on January 31 will renew on February 28/29.

Basic and Enhanced Plans (On Demand)
If you have an On Demand plan (usually a pack of 2, 5, or 25 Images) then you have one year to download your Images. The year starts at the point of activation. At the end of the 365-day period, your Image pack will expire and you'll need to purchase a new plan in order to download more Images.

You can find your plan expiration date on the Plans tab of the My Account page.

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