What’s this charge from STK*Shutterstock?

There is nothing quite like looking at your credit or debit card bill only to find that you don’t quite recognize the name of a company that has charged your account. Just in case you may have been wondering about a charge by a company called STK*Shutterstock, you can rest easy and know that charge did officially come from our billing department here at Shutterstock.

All of our customer plans have a default auto-renew setting built in. This is to make sure that our customers never find themselves unable to download the music tracks, images or video clips that they need.
Your Billing History
One way to see exactly what you’ve been billed for is to log into your Shutterstock account with your email/username and password. Click on the link that says “Purchase History” and you will be able to see a complete record of your purchases, receipts and invoices.
Auto Renewal Feature
The most common reason for being charged from STK*Shutterstock is our Auto Renewal feature. Sometimes, customers forget that it is there by default and means they will be automatically rebilled to provide uninterrupted access to the more than 200 million downloadable video clips, images and video clips on our website.

Customers who have a monthly subscription plan should notice a charge on their account a few days before their plan renews. 

Customers who have purchased on demand image packs should expect to be rebilled either a few days before the one-year mark of the original purchase or when the final image is downloaded, whichever comes first.
Turning off Auto Renewal
Should you decide to turn off the auto-renewal feature, please visit your account details page. Customers with on-demand pricing or month-to-month pricing may turn the feature off at any time. Customers who have a subscription to an annual value plan may turn the feature off during the last month of their one-year commitment.
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