What's a Vector/EPS file?

Vectors are digital illustrations made up of points and paths that allow deep editing and tweaking. With most digital images, like JPEGs, you can do some editing, but it's generally time-consuming and limiting. With a vector you can quickly edit text, forms, colors, and other elements. Since vectors are based on points and planes rather than pixels, you can resize them without any loss of resolution.

What do I need to use vectors? 
Unlike most digital images, vectors can't be opened with all graphics programs. You'll need a vector editor like Adobe Illustrator. Shutterstock vectors are in the EPS format, which is compatible with most vector-editing software.
All of Shutterstock's vectors are compatible with Adobe Illustrator, which is the industry standard. If a program can't open a vector, we recommend trying Illustrator, which might have features not available in other programs.
Don't need the fancy vector features?
You can download most vector Images as JPEGs on the Shutterstock site. Alternatively, you can convert the image to a JPEG using a conversion site.
Getting Started
Adobe offers tutorials for newcomers and has a generous help section for experienced designers.

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