What is an Enhanced License?

Shutterstock offers different subscription plans for individuals and businesses, and we will even customize a plan to fit your needs if necessary. When it comes to licensing it’s important to understand the difference between a standard license and an enhanced license before you download content from us.
Standard License
The standard license does not allow for any of our images to be used on merchandise that your company sells. With the standard license, you are also limited to 500,000 copies when you use our images for print runs. This can be any type of physical print including:
  • Business cards and letterhead
  • Product labeling and packaging
  • Billboards
  • Cover and CD art
  • Point of sale advertising
You are also limited in any advertising or copy of tangible media such as newspapers, magazines and books. By contrast, users enjoy additional flexibility with the enhanced license.
Enhanced License
The enhanced license allows for:
  • Image use on merchandise you are selling
  • Unlimited physical print runs
  • No restrictions in budget on multi-media or video productions
  • Unlimited impressions when it comes to out of home advertising
Those who need a little wiggle room and flexibility with the content they purchase from us benefit from an enhanced license rather than a standard license. Our representatives are well-versed and knowledgeable about both license types and are a great asset if you have questions.
Other Differences
The standard license is the default license provided with the team subscriptions, professional single-seat subscriptions and the basic image packs. The enhanced license is preferred for image packs used with merchandise and larger audiences.
Both licenses have worldwide regions of use, perpetual license duration and unlimited digital use. Along with the differences listed above, the enhanced license allows for $250,000 legal indemnification per image, web and template permissions, merchandise permissions and permission for decoration in a commercial space.
When it comes to the number of user with access to your accounts, you can choose that with your subscription plans. We offer both individual plans for one user and team plans for up to three users online or 10 through a customer service representative.
As we strive to meet the needs of every Shutterstock customer, no matter how big or small, we’ll help you better understand the details of each license and what it can offer to your plan. If you have additional questions about licensing and whether you should choose the standard or enhanced, contact one of our representatives today.
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