What is UI design?

Are you wondering why your website isn’t bringing in consistent traffic? Or, maybe you don’t have a problem with traffic, but your conversion rates are dismal. If you relate to either of these scenarios, poor website design might be the underlying cause of your problem.
Whether you design your own website or outsource it to a third party, you should make sure it’s structured with optimal UI design. If you’ve ever wondered “What is UI design?” the short answer is that it’s the design of a user interface. Examples of user interfaces that require good UI design include mobile apps, software and websites. Here are a few principles you should familiarize yourself with if you want to make better UI design part of your website model.
The feedback principle states that your design should keep users apprised of the results of any interactions they have with the user interface. For example, your visitors should always know where they are on the website, the current status of any action they’re performing and what steps will come next. Finally, feedback should very clearly let the visitor know what actions they have successfully performed (such as making a purchase).
The simplicity principle refers to the ease with which general tasks can be done on your website. By providing shortcuts and making sure basic actions can be completed quickly and with ease, you improve user interactions with your website.
To avoid frustrating your customers, it’s essential to utilize the structure principle in your UI design. This principle refers to the persistent and systematic use of predictable structure throughout your website. Related things should always be grouped together and unrelated things should always be separated. Good structure makes it easier for users to find what they’re looking for on your website.
Users should always be able to see the items and options that are relevant to the specific task they want to perform, without being distracted with irrelevant information. This is called the visibility principle in UI design.
Take Your Website to the Next Level
Now, you no longer have to wonder “What is UI design?” With the help of the UI design principles outlined here, you can improve your website and potentially experience better conversion rates in the process. Don’t forget to also incorporate relevant, professional images into your design.
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