What is Out-of-Home advertising?

With millions of royalty-free images available, Shutterstock makes it easy to find the perfect addition to your project.

What is Out-of-Home advertising?

It’s advertising that takes place in a public space, that you would see when you step out of your home on your way to work or dinner with friends. This can be advertising on a billboard, on a bus, or just a poster outside. 

What are gross impressions?

In the world of Out-of-Home advertising, gross impressions are measures of how many times the project will be seen. Number of impressions is not the same as the number of people. If the same person drives by your billboard every day on the way to work, this one person is responsible for many impressions.

What Shutterstock license covers my Out-of-Home projects?

With Shutterstock licensing, it’s the gross impressions that count. For advertising with fewer than 500,000 total views, meaning gross impressions, our Standard License has you covered. If you are planning to reach more than half a million views, you’ll need our Enhanced License. If you’re unsure how many impressions your project may attract, ask the company selling you the physical advertising space as they should know how much visibility your creative campaign will get.

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