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What Is the Patch Tool in Photoshop?

Understanding the Patch tool in Adobe Photoshop is an essential photo retouching skill that users need to master to fully embrace the program’s photo editing ability. It is related to the Healing Brush tool, and it serves a distinct but similar function. Both tools help match the texture, lighting, and shading of sampled pixels to a source area. The difference is that where healing brush changes areas with the touch of the brush, the Patch tool in Photoshop changes a predefined selection. This makes it useful when correcting photos with unwanted blemishes in some areas. 

Working With the Patch Tool
What is the Patch tool in Photoshop? It’s your key to creating new images that look like originals, allowing you to take your photo editing projects up to a truly professional level. When you need to use it, you will find it behind the Healing Brush tool in the tools panel. Select it and then follow these simple steps:
  1. Since the tool works in a similar way to the Lasso selection tool, use it to select an area the same way you would use the Lasso.
  2. Choose either source or destination mode in the Options bar.
  3. Next, move the cursor over the selected area. Drag it wherever you want it to go.
  4. Watch the preview as you move the selection to better understand how the image will appear when you let go of the mouse or stylus.
  5. When you have the selection positioned right where you want it, release the mouse or styles and the Patch tool in Photoshop will blend the pixels from the source or destination area into the selection seamlessly.

Uses of the Patch Tool
Understanding what the tool is and how it operates is the first step to mastering it. The other side of it is understanding when it’s the right tool for the job. It’s your way of deleting unwanted background elements from your compositions. Take an unsightly sailboat out of your sunset if it’s in the wrong spot or remove sidewalk trash from the concrete in your street photos.
You can even smooth over cracks in brick walls, streets, and other unsightly blemishes, and beautify your shots so you get the images you want out of your photography. You can even use it to duplicate elements, adding in an extra tree or bird as needed for balance. The possibilities are endless.

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