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What Is Cloud Hosting? How Does It Work?

Cloud hosting has become a hot buzzword in tech circles in recent years, with more and more applications and services moving to the cloud. Before you decide whether these services are right for your business, it’s important to understand how this kind of storage works and what applications it is most effectively used for. The idea of hosting files on a remote server with automatic backup is not new, and at its core, that’s all this kind of hosting does. The “cloud” is a network of servers, often spread among multiple locations. The idea is that with no one storage center, the “cloud” is impervious to the kind of data loss that plagues offline and single-location storage options.

What Is Cloud Hosting Used For? 
This kind of file hosting is used for a variety of applications and purposes, including:

  • Private file backup
  • Collaborative work in multiple locations
  • Mobile and web apps
  • Online gaming server hosting
  • Website hosting

Many industries are moving core infrastructure applications into the cloud as well, because cloud services typically involve technical support and regular updates. Cloud applications and hosting packages vary from provider to provider and industry to industry, but often this outsourcing is less expensive than the investment in on-site technical support personnel.
Understanding Adobe Creative Cloud
When you subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud, you typically get access to a few cloud services at once. The company’s powerful tools for graphic design are available at your fingertips, and most plans include a healthy cloud storage allowance, which makes it easy to back up your work securely, with no worries about on-site storage failures or problems with your home hardware. Some subscription packages even include website hosting services and premium font packages.
Using Shutterstock With Adobe Creative Cloud
Cloud hosting with Adobe gives you the opportunity to easily store all your stock photo assets remotely while you work on them, and that means you can easily log in from anywhere to finish your projects. Your files will be secure, and you can enjoy access to the most powerful graphic design tools available today, making it easy to customize your website graphics, brochures, advertising, and other print materials, no matter what your next project entails. It’s a perfect match for graphic design professionals who want access to over 100 million royalty-free stock photos with easy-to-price subscription plans.

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