Weighing the Costs on Creative Cloud for Teams vs. Individual Licenses

Adobe’s Creative Cloud for teams offers a wide range of services for business clients, but individual entrepreneurs and small design shops have begun asking whether it’s worth the extra expense for a business-class license. The truth is, there are a few situations where an individual license is worthwhile for professionals, but if you are likely to have multiple users of the Creative Cloud applications at once, you probably want to absorb the extra cost of a team account. While the applications you can access are the same in either case, the additional security and access monitoring provides you with peace of mind, and the ability to reassign licenses as needed provides your company with flexibility.

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Extra Options and Features for Team Users of Creative Cloud Apps
The back-end support and security features that team licenses enjoy include these powerful resources for teams:
  • Project collaboration among multiple team members
  • The ability to reassign CC licenses at will among employees and collaborators
  • Web-based administrative control features
  • Centralized deployment
  • Enhanced security and control over individual usage
  • Usage tracking and reporting
  • Consolidated billing
  • Discounts for purchases of 10 or more seats
  • Expert technical support

Weighing the Cost of Creative Cloud for Teams vs. Individual Licenses
The cost of a creative cloud license that includes all applications is $20 per month higher per seat per month for teams than the individual plan costs, and that’s the central reason why small companies are questioning the extra expense. While a team of freelance collaborators with other file-sharing tools will probably find the work-around feasible to save the licensing fees, any business with employees should consider the flexibility and options that a team license brings.
Not only does this let you assign the licenses you have to employees as needed, rotating access according to who is doing the primary graphic work on which projects, it also retains the license if the employee leaves the company. Individual plans are tied to individual Adobe accounts, so each new license is billed separately and must be canceled if an employee leaves, too.
Pairing Creative Cloud for Teams and Shutterstock
Using the collaborative tools available on Adobe’s team licenses with the wide selection of royalty-free images available on site means having the ability to locate the perfect photos for every project while giving your team the best possible creative tools and support. The best part is, your cloud storage through Creative Cloud provides you with a fantastic way to back up your stock images.

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