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Using Images for logos and trademarks

The purchase of a Shutterstock image entitles our customers to many benefits, depending on the type of license they choose to purchase. However, our Shutterstock Terms of Service does not allow photos or vectors to be used as a logo, as part of a logo or as a trademark. 
Exclusive Rights

Because we strive to help all of our customers, it is possible that we can help you to license either an image or a footage clip exclusively.  To do this, Shutterstock would acquire the copyright from the contributor and then grant you exclusive rights. These rights would include the ability to use the work for trademarks and logos.
Pricing and Dates for Exclusive Rights

Shutterstock has no set pricing when it comes to acquiring exclusive rights as the cost is dependent on a few factors. First and foremost, the artist must be willing to sell the copyright exclusively. When a contributor does agree to sell the copyright for an image or a footage clip, those rights would apply only going forward. Any prior uses or previously purchased royalty-free licenses for the image or footage would remain in effect.
We are Here to Help

You will need a few pieces of information, should you decide that purchasing exclusive rights to footage or an image.  These include:
  • Image ID# – the ID of an image or clip can be found by clicking on the thumbnail. Once the full page opens, you will see a royalty-free stock photo ID # just under the image.
  • Footage ID# - Clicking on a desired thumbnail on our footage page will open a full page in which you can view the entire footage clip. The stock footage ID# can be found just to the right of the clip.
  • Intent – You will also need to be ready with a brief summary of how you plan to use the content should the artist be willing to sell the copyright.
  • Initial offer – Because there is no set pricing for exclusive rights, you should be prepared for an initial monetary offer that Shutterstock can present to the artist.

Once you have this information ready, please contact our excellent customer support personnel here. We will do our best to work with the contributor in order to attain the copyright for you.
Our Customers Matter

Above all, Shutterstock works to help our customers know that they matter. We work to go far beyond the industry norm by offering design tips, editing tools, tutorials and more.  Add to this the fact that we are adding more than 100,000 new images a day and offer many different types of pricing plans and it’s not hard to figure out why customers rave about Shutterstock.
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