Tips for Taking Great Marketing Pictures

In today’s technology-driven world, you need to combine great pictures with exceptional written content if you want to build a competitive business. Customers rely on images more than ever before to form opinions about various businesses and their products. If your pictures are grainy, dark or otherwise unprofessional, the effect on your brand can be disastrous. Here are a few tips for taking great marketing pictures that will impress your target audience.

Become a Master of Angles 
Did you know you can manipulate the way a photo looks just by changing how you angle your camera? Putting yourself on the same level as your subject is a great way to make it appear larger. If you sell swimming pools, instead of taking a picture of your product while standing by it and angling the camera downward, get down on the ground next to the pool and take a photo across its length. The angle will add dimension to your image while making the object (in this case, a swimming pool) appear larger.
If you want to add visual interest to a product photo, forget the boring, centered shot. Instead, place your subject off center within your frame. This technique is often referred to as the “rule of thirds” and it can be more effective than the standard centered shot.

Use Odd Numbers 
For some reason, odd numbers in photography are more pleasing to the human eye than even ones. When setting up a product shot, try arranging your products into groups of three so the two outer products bring balance to the middle one. 

Make Light Your Friend 
The right light can transform a photo from mediocre to exceptional. If you can, use natural light sources instead of artificial light. It may not always be possible to get the perfect amount of natural light in your photographs. If you shoot your photos on a stormy day or use an indoor light booth, use higher ISO settings on your camera. These settings will allow you to capture as much light as possible.

Use Stock Photographs 
It may not always be realistic for you to take your own marketing pictures. Stock photos can come in handy when you need quick access to professional images for your marketing campaigns.

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