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Standard License vs. Enhanced License

Shutterstock offers different types of licenses for images and other content. There are benefits to both Standard and Enhanced Licenses, and you can choose the one that works best for your unique situation. This overview covers both types of licenses so you can understand how they work. Complete license information is available in the Shutterstock Terms of Service.
Standard License Overview
A Shutterstock Standard License enables worldwide use for a perpetual duration. You can use images an unlimited number of times in digital applications. These are some examples of digital usage:
  • mobile applications
  • online ads
  • software
  • websites
  • e-books
An SL also allows use in print applications, such as magazines, posters, CD covers, business cards, and books. An image can be used up to 500,000 times in print runs. You can also have up to 500,000 views (not individual viewers) in out-of-home advertising. This includes applications such as billboards, conference signage, and subway ads. Viewers for film, TV, and online video applications are unlimited, but this license is only valid for production budgets up to $10,000 USD. Images may not be used in merchandise, digital or print templates, or for decoration purposes in commercial spaces.
Enhanced License Overview
An Enhanced License offers more freedom in terms of image usage. As with as SL, an EL provides a unlimited use for digital applications worldwide for a perpetual duration. However, an EL doesn't place limitations on print runs or out-of-home advertising. TV and online video applications are not limited to a specific production budget as they are with a Standard License. Additionally, an EL provides a more robust legal indemnification in contrast to an SL.
With an Enhanced License, you can use the image in both web and print templates. Additionally, the license allows use in merchandise and as decoration in commercial spaces. As you can see, an Enhanced License offers more flexibility, including some options not available with a Standard License.

How To Choose the Right License
For most Shutterstock plans, the default option is a Standard License. Basic image packs and singer-user Professional plans include an SL, as do Team Subscriptions. Enhanced Licenses can offer more options for large-volume customers and organizations. You can get an EL with customized image packs if you want to use the content for distribution to a large audience or on merchandise.
If you aren't sure which type of plan or license you need for your project, you can work directly with a Shutterstock customer service agent. With Shutterstock's library of royalty-free content and flexible license options, you can take your personal or professional project to the next level.

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