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Single vs. Multi-user accounts

When you sign up for Shutterstock, you’ll find a world of royalty-free creative content at your fingertips. No matter if you’re using this service to get images for your next graphic design project or you need stock footage to establish a location in a video, it’s important to get the right membership level. Before choosing an account, you should do some thinking about the type of use you hope to get out of this service. Here’s a look at the differences between Shutterstock’s single and multi-user accounts.
Single-User Accounts
As an individual user, you must first think about whether you’re using Shutterstock for a single project or it’s going to be an ongoing endeavor. If you’re working on a one-time undertaking, you can purchase images on a prepaid basis in packages of two, five or 25. Once purchased, you have up to a year to use your full allotment, so you don’t need to feel rushed to complete your task immediately. Depending on your market, you might even be able to purchase a single photograph, but there’s more value in buying bundles.
If you’re gearing up for an ongoing project, a subscription is the perfect way to ensure you always have content available. Subscriptions allow you to pay an affordable rate while downloading a set number of images each month. The smallest plan gives you 10 monthly photographs, but you can greatly reduce your cost per image by subscribing to larger plans. While you can pay your plan on a month-to-month basis, an annual commitment broken into 12 installments can cut your bill down by as much as half.
Multi-User Accounts
No matter if you’re working in an office together or collaborating with other graphic designers on your project, a multi-user account makes sharing content easy. With this subscription plan, your team will get 750 images to share every month, and it also comes with tools to make collaboration even easier. You can customize your plan for as many users as you need, which makes this the perfect option for creative departments of any size.
Choose the Perfect Subscription
With so many different subscription options, there’s sure to be a solution for all of your creative needs. No matter if you’re getting a monthly subscription for a single user or you’re subscribing to a massive multi-user account, you’ll still get access to the same easily-searchable database and complimentary editing software. Shutterstock has hundreds of millions of pieces of royalty-free content, so choose a plan that works and start searching for the perfect images, music tracks and footage clips.
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