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What kind of image plans does Shutterstock offer?

It takes a lot of different elements to create the perfect graphic design, and no two projects are exactly alike. With so much diversity in the creative world, you need a content partner that can tailor a plan to meet your specific needs. While Shutterstock has a massive database of images, film clips and music, not every user will have the same demands, which is why there are a few different options. Here’s a brief overview of each plan and some guidelines to help you decide which one is right for your situation.
Prepaid Image Packs
If you’re working on a one-time project or short-term assignment, a prepaid image pack is the perfect solution for your needs. You can buy images in bundles of two, five or 25, and you have up to a year to use your allotment. With millions of different images available, you might want to consider purchasing a larger bundle, as your price per photograph will go down significantly.
Single-User Subscriptions
 For users who churn out a lot of graphic design content, it might be a good idea to invest in a monthly subscription. You’ll get an allotment of images every month, and the packages range in size from 10 photographs up to 750 with better value coming from the larger plans. You can either sign up for an annual agreement billed in 12 installments or elect to go month-to-month with cancellation allowed at any time.
Multi-User Plans
Sometimes it’s necessary for an entire group of graphic designers to collaborate on a project, and Shutterstock’s multi-user plans make that easy. Your team will have access to 750 images every month, as well as software to make collaboration easier. Plan sizes start with two users, but can be adjusted to accommodate teams of any size.
Enterprise Solutions
Massive companies and publications have different needs than small businesses, and Shutterstock can build a premier plan to handle the more intensive demands imposed by larger operations. With this level of service you’ll enjoy VIP treatment, easy-to-understand licensing and a simple workflow.
Plans To Meet Your Needs
Now you have a better understanding of each of Shutterstock’s plans, you’ll be able to choose the right subscription level for your next project. Not only do you have access to Shutterstock's library of content, but you will also enjoy editing software to get the most out of every image. If you have additional needs that aren’t necessarily met by a standard package, don’t hesitate to contact customer service online or call 866-663-3954.

Images hand-picked for you
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