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Shutterstock Editor: Uploading Your Own Content

Editor makes it easy to upload your own non-Shutterstock content to help you further customize your designs. This is especially helpful when branding designs with a company logo.
To upload your own content to Editor:
  1. Log into your Shutterstock account and open Editor
  2. In the left-side menubar, click “My Content”
  3. Next, click “Uploads”
  4. From here, you can either drag and drop files from your computer or click “Upload an image” to browse your computer and select the desired file
  5. Once uploaded, your content will be available for use on other designs as long as you’re logged into the same Shutterstock account
What can I upload?
You can upload JPG and PNG images up to 25MB each. A total of 100 files can be uploaded into one Shutterstock account.

Note about uploaded content: Shutterstock uses your uploaded content solely for the purpose of allowing you to access it within Editor. We do not sell, license, distribute, or use your content in any other way.

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