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Shutterstock Editor: Resize and Rotate Objects

Shutterstock Editor makes it super easy to rotate and resize images. This can be used to make an object larger or smaller, and always maintain the same proportions. It can also be used to rotate an object up to 360°.

Note that this tool maintains the object aspect ratio (proportions) when changing size, so you don’t need to worry about stretching or squishing an object.

Here’s how to rotate and resize objects:

  1. Select the object you’d like to manipulate

  2. You’ll see a blue dot at each corner and a blue dot with a circular arrow in it along the bottom edge

  3. To resize, click and hold one of the corner dots and drag in or out. Release to finish.

  4. To rotate, click and hold the blue dot with the circular arrow and begin moving it on one direction. This is the direction the object will rotate in. Deselect to finish.

Watch it here:

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