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Shutterstock Editor: Download Formats

Shutterstock Editor allows you to use various download formats for your final design. Whether you’re printing a poster or saving an image for a digital ad, Editor has what you need.
Available download formats:
  • JPG - this common image file type is versatile and can be used in most mediums (print, digital, video, etc.).
  • PNG - this file type is commonly known for including transparency. It’s also common when downloading non-photographic images (such as logos).
  • PDF - Editor’s ability to download PDF files means you can create multi-page documents and export them into one file. It’s great for brochures or front and back flyers.
  • TIFF - this format used to be the standard when wanting to print high quality photographs. Only use this is your printer has specific required TIFF format. It’s the same quality as a 300 DPI JPG, but JPG will result in a more lightweight file.
Which one is best for my project?
It’s important to choose the right download format for how the file will be used. In general, JPG is good for images that contain photographic elements. They work great both online and in print. PNG is great when the image contains only computer-generated (vector) elements, or when you need the image to contain transparency. PNGs often result in very small file sizes, making them great for digital use. If your final design is meant to be printed, PDF is a good option, especially if it contains various design elements and/or multiple pages. TIFF files are good for printing, but don’t offer any benefit over our JPG files.
How to select download formats:
  • When you’re ready, click the red Download button in the top right of the Editor interface
  • A preview of the final design will pop up, along with several options along the right side of the screen
  • If you’re download multiple pages, be sure to select the “Download all pages” checkbox
  • Select the plan you’d like to download from. If you’ve downloaded the image(s) in the design before, you’ll see “Redownload” auto populated.
  • Click the red “License and continue”
  • Now you’ll select your file format (JPG, PNG, PDF, or TIFF) and resolution (72, 150, or 300 DPI). 72 is common for digital use, while 300 is best for printing.
  • If you want to download both the final design and the original image(s), this can be selected above the red “Download” button.
  • When you’re ready, click “Download” to download the final product
Watch it from start to finish (right-click and open image in a new tab for a larger view):
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