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The only thing better than creating a great design is showing it off and sharing it with people who will appreciate your work. The Shutterstock Editor is perfect for every step of the design process. With millions of images, vectors and illustrations—or the option to import your own—you can create nearly anything and share it seamlessly with an eager Facebook audience, one of several options for easily sharing and publishing your work. Check out these tips for an introduction to sharing on Facebook with the Shutterstock design tool.
1. Save, name and then share
Before taking to Facebook and other social media to share your designs, you should first save and name your work. To do so, navigate to the top menu and select the File drop down menu. From there, you can Save As and name the design you are working on. All saved designs are accessible from the Designs panel. This will allow you to easily revisit it and share again if you would like to at a later date. To access saved work, navigate to the canvas toolbar and select the icon that looks like files—it should read Designs when you roll over. Alternately, you can use the keyboard shortcut D.
2. Share directly onto Facebook
Once you have saved your work, you’re ready to publish it and share with your audience. What better place to do so than on Facebook? You can publish your designs on your own personal page or on a company page.
Doing so is easy: in the top menu, to the far right, you will see a gray button that says Share. When you click it, you will be given the option to Share on a handful of social networks, the first of which is Facebook. Clicking will trigger a Facebook request to log in and grant Shutterstock access your profile. You can then edit and customize the post and even include hashtags like #MadeWithEditor.
3. Share on other social media platforms
Facebook is a fantastic resource for sharing and promoting your designs, but the image editor allows you to share through several other platforms, too. You can share the work you’ve done in the design tool on social media such as Twitter and Pinterest. The former is perfect if you want to reach a wide audience and include a short comment with the post. The latter is great for sharing useful designs that can be circulated within a community.
4. Share via a link
There is one last way to share the designs you create in the image editor. In addition to seamless posting to platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, the design tool has a built-in capability of generating unique links that correspond directly to your work. You can create your own unique link by navigating to the aforementioned Share button, selecting Link, and copying the URL that is generated. The link is public and will direct viewers to your design as it appears within the design tool’s canvas.

Note: Editor Basic users will always see a "Made with Shutterstock Editor" badge in the lower right corner of any designs shared to social media.

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