Searching for Footage clips

With nearly 100,000 clips arriving in the Shutterstock library every week, our numerous search tools come in handy when you’re seeking out the next addition to your project. Finding the perfect stock clip for your video has never been easier, with multiple options available to narrow down the options to those that will best suit your needs. We can help you get exactly what you are looking for without the headache of a never-ending search.

Helpful Tools

Maybe all you have is a keyword, or possibly you know precisely what you want down to the quality and licensure details. Perhaps you need a little assistance sorting out the results you get from your query. Regardless of your particular circumstances, there’s a Shutterstock search tool that can make the job more efficient for you.
  • Keyword search
  • Search filters
  • Result sorting
  • Clip ID number search
  • Download history 

Keyword Search

Sometimes the simplest place to begin is with an appropriate keyword typed into the search box. If this yields more results than you can possibly sift through, you can add multiple additional keywords in order to slim down the number of clips to choose from to something more specifically appropriate for your project. If it is something that exists within our library, you will undoubtedly find it with our search tool.

Search Filters

If you know more information about your needs than simply the content required in your footage clips, then you can utilize our filter functions to obtain the best options. You can filter search results by a number of details that may apply to your work:
  • Frames per Second (FPS)
  • Category topic of footage
  • License required for use – filter out Editorial or non-Editorial
  • Contributor of the clip
  • People present in the video or not
  • Resolution quality in 4K, HD, or SD

Result Sorting

It may be helpful to sort the potential clips by a specific method, so you can better identify which would best support the functional needs of your project. In this case, you can change the order of your results to be listed by newest uploads, most relevant material according to your keywords or popularity of selections. You can also randomize the results.

Clip ID Number Search

If you know the exact clip you are looking for, then you may want to enter the ID number for the footage. Doing this will lead you right to that video without needing to search through a myriad of other options. This will help you streamline the time invested in your project.

Download History

When you’ve used clips before, they stay listed in your Download History. Simply access this in your account, and you will be able to select any number of previously downloaded stock clips. Shutterstock makes it easy to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

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