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Saving a Design in Editor

With, millions of images, tons of gorgeous filters, and a range of other design tools, it easy to realize your vision while using our Shutterstock Editor tool. Once you’ve created something special, you’re obviously going to want to save it. Here are a few tips to make saving and finding your work a breeze.
1. Save as you are working
One of the most important things to remember is to save while you are working on your design. Do not make the mistake of waiting until you are finished to save—if you do this, you may lose your progress if anything interrupts your work. In order to save as you are designing, navigate to the top menu. Here you’ll see the File drop down menu, from which you can select the Save option. You can also do this with the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl + S or, if you are on a Mac, Command + S.
2. Name and save upon completion
Naming and saving your work is similar to the process used for saving as you go. Once again navigate to the top menu, where the drop down File menu is found. Choose the option Save As to name and save your design. Upon doing so, the name will appear in the top menu to the right of the File menu. If you want to change the name at any point, you can roll over, click and edit the field. These steps will ensure your work is saved and ready for use.
3. Find your saved work in the designs panel
When you select Save As, you may notice that the dialogue box indicates that the work will be saved in the Designs panel. The Designs panel is the destination for all the work you have completed in the image editor and saved up to this point. You can access all of your saved designs by navigating to the canvas toolbar. There, you will see an icon that resembles folders, and reads Designs (D) when you roll over it. Clicking this icon will reveal the Designs panel. You can also navigate to it by utilizing the D keyboard shortcut.
4. Share or download your saved work
Once you have created, saved and located your work within our graphic design tool, you can share or download it however you’d like. On the top menu, you will see two buttons allowing you to do so. After sharing, downloading and enjoying the incredible design you’ve created, you can revisit it at any time by launching the image editor and navigating to the Designs panel!

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