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Replacing an Image in the Editor App

Editor is a dynamic and easy to use graphic design app that gives you the freedom to create beautiful, appealing creations using your own images, as well as assets from our enormous library. You can create a design that features any number of our beautiful photos, vector images, or illustrations together with your own uploaded photos. The ability to combine and essentially remix all these elements in an image editor lets both experienced and novice designers explore the extent of their creativity with a tool that is effective yet easy to use.
Sometimes in the course of creating a photo collage or another collection of images, you might decide that one or more of the existing images need to be replaced with a different picture. Instead of having to go back to the very beginning and trying to rebuild your preferred design using the new collection of images, you can replace any current image with a new one. The new image will be in exactly the same place so there is never any worry about disrupting your work in progress.
Adding a New Image From the Shutterstock Library
Shutterstock contains thousands of beautiful photos, illustrations, and vector images that can be used in our online graphic design tool. If you become dissatisfied with an image used in an active design, you can replace it with an asset from Shutterstock. Browse the library to find the image you wish to use instead, simply right click on the image to be replaced, and choose to search for similar images. You will see a selection of related images appear in a search menu next to the canvas, but you do not have to be limited to only images that are similar. Use the Search bar or choose from the available categories to locate the perfect new image. Click on it, choose to add it to the canvas, and you’ll see it appear on the canvas. Delete the old image and keep working on your project.
Adding a New Image from Your User Library
When you sign up for a free Shutterstock user account, you have the freedom to upload any image from your own home or work computer. This uploaded image will appear in the Upload menu found on the left side of the app window. From there, you can select which image you want to bring onto your canvas.
These steps will let you upload an image to your free account:

  • Click the Upload menu button on the left side of the screen.

  • Drag and drop an image file from your desktop or a file folder into the menu box.

  • If you do not wish to drag and drop a file in this manner, click the Upload a File button and browse the folders on your computer until the desired files have been located. Select these to start the upload process.

Now that a new image has been added to your personal user library, you can use them as replacements for any image currently in use on your active canvas.

Shutterstock’s enormous asset library gives you the freedom to add professional images to any design; try experimenting with replacing old images with new ones to see how new options enhance your project.

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