Redownloading Videos

Not much is more frustrating than when you purchase a video from a stock site and, after 30 days of purchase, the video becomes ineligible for download unless you repurchase it or worse, it disappears from your account entirely. When you purchase a video or image from Shutterstock, it's yours to use as you see fit. If that means leaving it in your account for the next 12 months, untouched, and then downloading it one random day in June, you can do so without hassle or additional fees. Note: if the contributor removes the content from our library, it will no longer be available for download/redownload. Contact us and we can help resolve this.
Indefinite Downloading
When you download a Shutterstock video or image, you can redownload it at any time, indefinitely. This is true regardless of whether your subscription is active or not. Redownloads do not count toward any active plans that you do have, which means you never have to pay twice for something you essentially already own. 
Indefinite Use
In addition to allowing users to redownload their images and clips at will, Shutterstock is pleased to inform you that you can use licenses content as many times as you want as well. This means that if you have a video on your website which you wish to use on your social media profiles, you can. You can also use the same images as a backdrop on your home page, email newsletter template, business cards and more. We strive to make it easy to develop a cohesive brand or personal image, which we like to believe we do by allowing for indefinitely downloads and indefinite use of products.
Indefinite Support
Having issues accessing a previous download? Don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team. We're prepared to help you troubleshoot your issue and resolve any issues that you encounter. Reach out to us for help today!
(Almost) Indefinite Clips
Videos are being created on a minute-basis, which makes it pretty impossible for us to claim that we offer indefinite video clips. However, our collection of clips and images is pretty impressive, which you'll soon discover. Our photo collection alone boasts over 230 million royalty free images, all curated by users like you. While our video collection isn't quite as vast, it is still noteworthy, with over 11,000,000 royalty-free 4K and HD video clips and growing.
Whether you want to create a cohesive brand image or just really, really like a clip, you'll appreciate Shutterstock's redownload feature. Start downloading today for lifetime access to royalty-free videos and images.

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