Redownloading Videos

When you purchase a video or image from Shutterstock, it's yours to keep as well as to redownload for free. Enjoy peace of mind with knowing that once a clip is purchased, it is yours to keep and to redownload for free if it ever gets lost or corrupted.


Indefinite Downloading

When you download a Shutterstock video or image, you can redownload it at any time, indefinitely. This is true regardless of whether your subscription is active or not. Redownloads do not count toward any active plans that you do have, which means you never have to pay twice for something you already licensed. 


Steps to Redownload

The redownload process is simple and ensures that a customer will always have access to previously licensed content for free. By accessing your license history page, you will be able to view a record of all the files you have purchased and downloaded in the past. In order to redownload an image, video clip or music track, simply choose the redownload option by clicking on the three dots below the thumbnail. 


Indefinite Use

In addition to allowing users to redownload their images and clips at will, Shutterstock is pleased to inform you that you can use license content as many times as you want as well. This means that if you have a video on your website which you wish to use on your social media profiles, you can.

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