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Though we have worked to make our Shutterstock website very user-friendly, the fact that we offer over 212 million royalty-free images, music tracks and stock video clips might seem a bit overwhelming to a new customer.  Add to this the fact that we put over 100,000 new items on the website each day and the chances of being overwhelmed just climbed a little.
Take a Deep Breath
Before deciding that there are just too many beautiful things on our amazing website, stop and take a deep breath.  Then take some time to explore, because some of our images and footage rival what you’ll find at a fancy art gallery.  Even better, the time we’ve spent creating easy-to-understand categories means that it should be simple for you to stumble upon photos or footage that you adore.
Take a Look at Your Needs
Once you have spent some time on the website and have found a way to pull yourself back out of the beautiful offerings, take a minute to review your needs. Are you looking for a stunning photo to use on a website, something that will help your monthly newsletter stand out or have you found the perfect print for your guest bedroom?  We’ve made it easy for those who need to purchase just a few images with our small image pack pricing.
Small Image Packs
Because we know that not every Shutterstock customer needs a monthly download subscription, we offer smaller pack options for 2, 5 or 25 images. As with all great pricing plans, the more images you commit to purchase, the lower the price is. Small image pack options include:
  • 2 Image Pack – Our smallest 2 image pack can be purchased for $29.  This means that the cost per image is $14.50.
  • 5 Image Pack – With an initial cost of $49, our 5-image pack is our most popular selection. Each image in this pack comes out to $9.80.
  • 25 Image Pack – The initial cost for the 2-image pack is $229.  This brings the price of each image down to only $9.16.

No matter how many images you decide to purchase, our small image packs make the pricing options simple.
Time to Decide, Time to Enjoy
Before you begin to worry about narrowing down the huge list of prints you adore, remember that you have an entire year to select and download chosen images, whether you purchase the package of two or the package of 25. Even better is the fact that your purchase means that you own the images forever.  Any time you would like to print out a different size of the purchased images, simply log back into your account, go to your license history (formerly known as download history) and download again.  Being a Shutterstock customer means you not only have time to decide, you also have time to enjoy.

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