I have an annual plan with monthly billing. Can I turn off Auto Renewal?

Because we offer so many amazing images, music tracks and footage clips on our website, we know it is important to also offer our customers great pricing plans. Our Value-priced annual plans give customers the ability to save up to 40% when they sign up for an annual plan that is charged monthly.
Annual Plan Options
We offer many different levels of annual plans in an effort to ensure that each customer can access the plan that will be the most beneficial.  Our plans range from our 10-image plan which is charged at $29 per month to our 750-image plan which is charged at a monthly rate of $199.  By far, our most popular is the 350-image plan which has a monthly charge of $169, bringing each image to only $0.48. No matter how many images you will be needing, Shutterstock has just the right plan for you.
Annual Plan Bonus
Each of our annual priced options comes with access to Shutterstock Editor Pro. Customers tell us that they have used this easy-to-use editing tool, packed with useful features to assist with the following:
  • Customize purchased images
  • Create social media posts
  • Access professional design elements
  • Create promotions
  • Select from hundreds of available templates
Auto Renewal and Price Protection
To ensure that customers have seamless service, each annual plan is set up with default auto renewal. Most of our subscription plans are set to bill a few days before each month ends. However, both basic and enhanced image packs are rebilled when you download our last image or a few days before the yearly anniversary of your purchase.

With auto renewal, our customers also have Shutterstock’s price protection service for all image plans. Each year when your plan renews automatically, it is guaranteed to renew at the same price, even if the price for the plan has gone up on our website. This guarantee stays in place for a full 15 months after your annual plan purchase, provided you keep auto renewal active on your current plan.

Turning Off Auto Renewal
Should you decide that you would prefer not to have your current plan renewed for the next year, you may turn off the auto renew option during the last month of the annual plan. To do this, you will need to access your account details page and deselect the auto renewal option.

Early Cancellation
Customers who are thinking about cancelling an annual plan before their year contract is complete may be charged an early cancellation fee. Contacting our helpful customer support center is the best option, as we may be able to help you explore different options.  Let us help make sure that you have the best experience with Shutterstock, from image and plan selection to pricing options and payment plans.
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