How to Use the Cloning Tool in Photoshop

Many beginning graphic design enthusiasts want to know, what is the cloning tool in Photoshop? Cloning in Photoshop means to duplicate, so this is a tool that is helpful when you need to copy one part of your image into another part of your project. For most Photoshop users, the cloning tool is helpful when they need to remove something unsightly from a photograph or replace an image with a better angle or view. Here are some helpful things to know about using the cloning tool in Photoshop.

What Is the Cloning Tool Photoshop?
When you open your copy of Photoshop, look for the stamp icon on your tools menu to find the cloning tool. Professional designers, graphic artists and photographers all use the cloning tool to smooth out images, remove spots from faces in portraits, take away eyesores from a photo shoot or make an image more visually appealing. Using the cloning stamp is also extremely simple and requires very few steps. Once you use it, you will find it incredibly helpful in any of your projects that use photographs.

How to Use the Clone Stamp 
To get started with cloning, first, select the clone stamp tool in the tools menu of your screen. You can adjust the brush size of the clone stamp to give yourself a smaller or larger area to work with. At the top of the screen, change the size of the brush from the drop-down menu. You can also manually adjust the way the image is copied by setting the opacity, blending style and flow settings on this menu. If you simply want to practice, keep all of the preferences at the default “Normal” setting.

Choose an Area From Your Image
Then, you can go into your photograph or picture and begin the cloning process. Position the cursor over the area in the image you want to copy. Either press Alt-click or Option-click if using a Mac to copy the exact spot from the picture. At this point, you must click and drag the copied spot you cloned to the area you want to cover up or fix. Drop the copied section into the area you want to retouch, and you’ll see it instantly get covered with the cloned portion.
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