How to Use Shapes in Shutterstock Editor

Shutterstock offers an array of gorgeous images –but did you know Shutterstock also offers users a graphic design tool to help them create the perfect layout? One of the many tools it offers is the ability to add shapes to your design.
On the left side of the screen in the canvas toolbar you’ll find the shapes button signified with an overlapping triangle and circle. Choose from one of the many free options such, which include circles, squares, arrows, and even stars. Select it in white, gray, or simply as an outline. You can then manipulate your shape with any graphic design tool offered in the image editor to create your perfect design.

  • Placement: Select the shape with a left click, hold down, and drag it to where you want it to go. Use the distribution button in the middle of the object toolbar to perfectly align your selection to the left, right, top, or bottom of the canvas. You can also pull the shape partially off the canvas or rotate it by using the circled arrow located below the selection. Click and drag over multiple items to align text to a specific shape or manipulate objects simultaneously.

  • Size: Select the shape and pull from the middle of the square to alter width or height. Pull outwards from the corner to maintain the shape’s ratios and simply enlarge or minimize.

  • Color: Click the first button on the object toolbar to see a drop-down panel menu of all the colors available with which you can fill your shape. Choose from the presets or create your own from the custom tab.

  • Outline: The object toolbar’s second button allows you to create an outline for your shape with pre-set or custom colors. You can also choose the style of outline as well as its thickness.

  • Drop Shadow: Add a drop shadow to the shape by clicking the third button from the left. You can alter the blurriness of the shadow, the horizontal offset, and the vertical offset. You can also choose the color of the drop shadow, as well as the intensity and shade of the color. 

  • Opacity: Opacity, or levels of transparency, can be manipulated with the fourth button from the left. Simply drag the dot from right to left to decrease the opacity or back to the right for a more solid fill within the shape. Do you have a Shutterstock image as your background? This is the best way to use a shape over it while still allowing the image to be seen in some capacity beneath. 

  • Flip: The object toolbar’s sixth button from the left allows you to flip your shape and all manipulations vertically or horizontally with a single click. 

  • Layer: The fourth button from the right allows you to feature the shape as the top layer, or to place it beneath other layers of your canvas, although it will always remain visible above the background.

  • Lock: You can lock your canvas and all of its layers by clicking on the lock button, located third from the right in the object toolbar. This allows you to add more elements using the image editor without disrupting your earlier work.

  • Duplicate: Click the second button from the right in the toolbar to duplicate the shape and all its manipulations in its entirety.

And that’s it. It really is that simple! Start using Shutterstock Editor today to see how it can help you create amazing designs.

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