How to Use Preview Mode in Editor

Shutterstock has long been an industry staple for both novice and professional designers, as well as casual hobbyists, who wish to source the most brilliant and unique images to use in their projects.
However, we know finding the perfect image is only the first step in the creative process, so we’ve taken our services one step further. Shutterstock now offers a graphic design tool in the form of a user-friendly image editor program. Throughout the process, you don’t have to guess at how your design is coming along; at any time—you can jump onto Editor’s preview mode to see how your layout is taking shape. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of this feature.
Preview mode is initially turned off when you open Shutterstock Editor. This allows you to see the big picture during the creative process and be aware of all the elements you’re placing into your design as well as where everything aligns and falls spatially. You will see your working canvas in vibrant colors, while partial or off-canvas elements will appear in a more muted tone so you can easily differentiate between the two while working.
Switching Your Project to Preview Mode
When you are ready to see how your design would look as a finished product, go to the bottom right of the screen. No matter how large you have sized your working canvas, the preview button will be found in a black strip below it. At this point, a circular button will be placed to the left, in the “off” position. Click on it once and it will slide to the right into the “on” position.
What You See and What You Don’t
Now that you are in the preview mode, you will see nothing but your canvas. You can see the composition of your design elements without the distraction of those existing outside your parameters. If you wish to see the outer boundaries of your background, click inside the canvas and they will appear. Click on any elements partially out of the canvas and the entire outline, both in and out of the preview, will show. The items that are fully set outside of the canvas will not show at all unless clicked upon, which can make them difficult to locate. You can find them with a quick click out of preview mode.
Working in Preview Mode
While the image editor is in preview mode, anything selected can still be sized by clicking the corner and dragging, and layers can be moved to preferred placement on, partially on, and off the canvas. Any graphic design tool that you see out of preview mode will still be available to you while previewing your project. You are free to click back and forth without any risk to your design and without losing any elements. It is often beneficial to check your layout in preview mode prior to locking layers, saving your project, or sharing your final design.

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