How to Use Photoshop Retouching Tools

Retouching images is a complex process that involves mastering a few of Photoshop’s most useful tools. Once you understand each, it is easy to remove unwanted objects, clone new objects, adjust lighting conditions, and even correct for conflicting light sources to produce a better, more professional picture.
Removing Objects From Images
There are two tools that will help you when your retouching tasks include object removal. The first is the Healing Brush, which lets you spot-heal small blemishes and unwanted objects. The other is the Patch Tool, which allows you to select an area to use as a patch and then move it to another area. Using them with a Blur or Smudge tool helps make sure your edges look natural, so remember to use them whenever you are Photoshop retouching images and you need to remove objects smoothly.

Adding Objects to Images With Duplication
If you want to duplicate an object in an image, you want to use the Clone Stamp tool. This tool lets you cut out an area and then stamp it onto a new part of the picture, effectively duplicating the original. You can adjust the size of the stamp, too, allowing you to move an item and resize it, then remove the original to get the proper visual balance in a composition.
Using this method involves using a lasso-style selection tool to outline the area you will stamp, then sizing the stamp properly for your application. Then, you can apply that stamp to the photo to create your duplicate item.
Removing Large Objects With Content-Aware Fill
The Content-Aware Fill option is the last tool to master before you understand how to use Photoshop retouching tools thoroughly. In the Layers menu, select the layer with the large item you want to remove. Then follow these steps.
  • Select the item you want to remove, with a little bit of the background around it.
  • Click on Fill > Content Aware Fill
  • Click inside your selection
Since this process automates the removal and the creation of new background, you can always go back and try it again if you do not like the results. Changing the selection slightly will give you a different output, and sometimes new results can be obtained without even changing the selection.
Using these photo retouching tools to custom-edit your stock photo selections from Shutterstock ensures you will always be able to create the perfect look for your finalized assets. Test them out until you become proficient, and remember that the more detailed your selection is, the smoother your retouching results will look.

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