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How to Track Changes in PowerPoint While You Work

Microsoft has included an advanced Track Changes feature in Word for over a decade now, and with each new edition of the Office suite, it gets better. With the newer versions, it is easy to not only track changes in PowerPoint as well as Word, but to post your presentation to shared locations to collect edits and comments. The steps are simple if you have a shared location like OneDrive set up to work with your copy of Office, and they will let you take your editing and revision process to the next step by gathering as much useful information from collaborators as possible.

Step by Step Walkthrough of the PowerPoint Track Changes Feature

  1. Save a copy of your presentation in a backup folder or on a removable device.
  2. Save a second copy to SharePoint, OneDrive, or another location where collaborators can suggest edits and add comments.
  3. Send an email to your collaborators with a link to the shared file.
  4. After you receive reviews, open the original file you saved to an offline location.
  5. Click Review > Compare, and then Compare.
  6. There will be a Choose File to Merge With Current Presentation option, select it. Then select the file from the shared location.
  7. Click Merge.
  8. Comments will be available under Slide Changes in the Revisions pane. Click Comments to see them.
  9. Changes can be viewed under Presentation Changes in the Revisions pane.

As you use track changes in PowerPoint to review each of the changes made to the shared file, you can choose to accept or reject each one. The original file is then updated to reflect your choice, giving you total control over the end result.

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