How to Print PowerPoint With Notes

A slideshow is a great way to add a visual element to any speech, which is why teachers, business professionals and other speakers rely on presentation software every day. While the slides contain the information you’d like the audience to see, it might not be everything you want to communicate during your talk. One of PowerPoint’s more useful features is the ability to add a speaker’s note section to each slide. If you’d like a hard copy to help you during the speech, or you want to hand copies out at the end of the session, here’s a guide on how to print PowerPoint with notes. 

Create Your Notes

Before printing your presentation out with speaker’s notes, you first need to add them to each slide. When viewing slides in normal mode, there will be a pane at the bottom that allows you to make notations to help dictate the flow of your speech. You can even add charts, tables and images to this section for more information in the event of audience questions. Once you’re finished, you can switch to notes page view to see how each slide will print.
Print Your Slides
Once your slides and notes are complete, you’re ready to print them out for yourself or audience members, but consider saving paper and using presenter view on a second monitor during your presentation. If you need hard copies of your slideshow, you have the option of printing full note pages with slide thumbnails or just a copy of your speaker’s notations.
The easiest method is to print everything, as you simply go to the file menu, click print, change settings to full page slides and select notes pages. From there you can choose your preferred page orientation and color options.
To omit the slide thumbnails from your printout, open your slides in note page view and manually remove the thumbnail from each page by clicking on it and pressing the delete key. Once you’ve completed this task, the same printing instructions apply.
Supplement Your Presentation With Printed Notes
With the knowledge of how to print PowerPoint with notes at your disposal, you’re ready to create dynamic presentations with a set of instructions to guide you along the way. If you still need video clips, images or music to enhance your slideshow, Shutterstock has an easily searchable library with millions of pieces of royalty-free content. You can choose a subscription level that fits your budget, or purchase elements one at a time.

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