How to Make a Slideshow with Music

Putting together a quick photo slideshow of a family vacation or a solo adventure is simple, and you can even add some background music to liven up the montage. Windows and Mac computers have built-in applications that can display a group of images with snazzy fades. Below, we’ve outlined the basic steps to create a slideshow with Windows Media Center or Photos.   

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Using Windows Media Center
First, upload your entire photo collection to the Media Center, so you have the ability to pick and choose images for a slideshow. If you’d like to show the full collection, simply click on the Start screen and find the Pictures + Videos section. Then, select “Pictures Library” to access the photos. When you click “Play Slide Show”, every image will be displayed in a montage.  
Most likely, you’ll want to be more selective about the photos you show, especially if you’re trying to avoid embarrassing snapshots from the past. To view a slideshow of a particular image folder, go to the same “Pictures Library”, click on the desired folder, and then choose “Play Slide Show”.  
Adding Music: With Media Center, the easiest way to pair music with your photos is by creating a custom slideshow. In the “Pictures Library”, you’ll see some additional options above the pictures. First, select the “Slide Shows” button and then “Create Slide Show”. From there, you’ll be prompted to name the show, choose individual pictures, and pair them up with a rousing soundtrack. Once you click Create (on “Review & Edit Slide Show”), you’ll be able to replay the custom show at any time.
Tweaking Settings: To adjust the length of time between slides, the transitions, and many other aspects of your custom show, find the Tasks tab on Media Center’s start screen. Click on “Settings”, “Pictures”, and then “Slide Shows”. Change the slide show settings to your liking, and then click Save.
Using Photos (Mac)

  1. From the main Photos screen, click on the File tab and then “Create Slideshow”. Name your new slideshow and then click OK.   
  2. Now, you can select any photos from your collection and they’ll automatically be added to the slideshow. Every time you click on a photo, a blue circle with a checkmark will appear in the bottom right corner. When you’re happy with the photo selection, click Continue.
  3. The next screen will have a photo timeline on the bottom, where you can drag photos in a particular order and add text. On the right side of the screen, you’ll find three icons to change the “Theme” (a.k.a. transitions between slides), choose music, and decide how long to have each image stay on screen. Click on the Preview button to test your slideshow before screening it for a wider audience.
  4. When you’re happy with how the slideshow looks, save it by clicking the Export button in the top right corner. Choose your image definition — 420p, 720p, or 1080p — by selecting from the drop-down menu, and then click Save.
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