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How to Make a Picture Transparent in PowerPoint

Creating a transparency is an important skill for a lot of reasons, in a lot of different applications, from constructing layered visual compositions to building backgrounds for your PowerPoint slides. Currently, Microsoft makes converting an image to a transparency possible in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and other programs in the Office suite. Finding the right picture to convert into a transparency can be a lot more challenging than learning how to make a picture transparent in PowerPoint, though. That’s why you need to have resources that let you find just the right image to fit each project.

Image Transparency Creation Step-by-Step
There are two ways you can create a transparency. First, by making the whole image transparent, but also by making just part of it so. Let’s review both, but let’s do the full transparency first:
  1. On the Insert tab, select Shapes and then the shape that fits your image, like a rectangle.

  2. Draw that shape into the slide and remember that you need to make the shape the same size as your image to get it to display correctly.

  3. Remove the outline by right-clicking and selecting No Outline from the gallery that pops up after you click the Outline button.

  4. Right-click the shape again, but this time click on Format Shape.

  5. In the pane that appears, under Fill, choose Picture or Texture Fill.

  6. Select the picture you want, and then use the Transparency slider to make it as opaque or transparent as you need.

If you only want to make part of a picture transparent:

  1. Double-click on the picture after placing it. Select Picture Tools > Format when Picture Tools appears.

  2. Set a transparent color.

  3. That color is now replaced in the image with a transparency.

This is an ideal way to create cutout images from other assets, even if it is not as commonly used as regular image transparencies. When it comes to your professional presentations, you need to know how to make a picture transparent in PowerPoint in as many ways as you can, so you can deliver on every project. Give yourself the resources you need to deliver top tier work on every project by making sure your Shutterstock plan is robust enough to meet your needs every month. Upgrading is easy when the time comes, too.

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