How to Make Your Own Custom Photoshop Sketch Brush

One of the most powerful tools Adobe’s Photoshop offers digital artists is the ability to create new brushes in a variety of ways. From downloading the options and packages created by others to uploading brushes made from your real-life sketch patterns, there are a variety of ways to make your own Photoshop sketch brush so that you can add custom artwork to compositions made with stock photos and vector art from your asset collection.
A quick search online is all it takes to find brush collections by other users, and the Photoshop brush app for mobile comes with its own easy instructions for uploading your own brushes from images it captures. If you want to build an easy, basic sketch brush without leaving Photoshop, it can be done with a straightforward process in the main program.

How to Make a Sketch Brush in Photoshop
  1. Create a new file.Next, make a polygon and set the number of sides to 3.
  2. Draw a triangle with it. In black.
  3. Select New Layer and make that layer active.
  4. Draw a black rectangle over the location of the triangle in the first layer.
  5. Select Filter, then Add Noise, and then Gaussian. Drag the slider to the maximum.
  6. Use Ctrl-Alt-G to clip the rectangle’s effect to the triangle.
  7. Resize the noise layer by using the Free Transform Tool. Make the white areas more apparent.
  8. Under Edit, choose Define Brush Preset. Then, select Chalk and select Transfer, Noise, and Smoothing. Resize it to 30.
  9. Save your new brush settings. 

You can play around with the size and spacing to get different sketch effects, from a precise mechanical pencil to charcoal, but the basic sketchy pattern you want will be there at any size.
Cultivating a Variety of Photoshop Sketch Brush Options
This basic sketch brush gives you a lot to work with, but there are still a lot of other options out there for thicker brushes, heavier ones, or even brushes that have totally different texture options. To get the most out of your photoshop experience, play with diverse ways of creating brush textures by using different noise filters and levels in the brush creation process above. That way, you can build a library of beautiful brush options to get exactly the effect you want. Make putting together the right combination of original art and stock photos easy by making custom brushes and using Shutterstock to source your images for access to over 100 million royalty-free stock image and vector graphic choices, with new additions being made every day.

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