How to Make PowerPoint Presentations From PDF Documents

Documents come in many different formats, and PDF is one of the most popular. Not only does this format guarantee uniform display across multiple platforms, it also integrates images and other non-text elements easier than word processors. While these files are a preferred method of transmission for a legal document, magazine page or newsletter, they don’t work well for presentations. To incorporate information from one of these documents into your next slide show, you can either retype the whole thing in your presentation software or learn how to convert a PDF to PowerPoint. Here’s a handy guide to make this process easy.

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Use Proper Software
The right application makes quick work out of any task, and Adobe Acrobat is the platform you need to do any manipulation of PDF documents. While the free edition of this program can’t convert slideshows to PowerPoint, there are different pricing plans for professional versions. Once you’ve installed this software on your computer, you’re ready to get started with the conversion.
Open Your PDF Document
If you’re new to using Acrobat Pro, you might already have a different program set as your default PDF reader, which means you can’t launch directly from a file explorer window. To get around this problem, you can either change the setting on your computer or open the document from the software’s drop-down menu. If you reconfigure your default application, you should only need to worry about this step once.
Begin the Export Process
Once you have the proper document loaded, go to the panel on the right side of the screen and find the Export PDF tool. Use the drop-down menu to select Microsoft PowerPoint as the desired format and click the “export” button. The software will take the text and images and convert each page into its own slide in your presentation. After conversion is complete, you’ll be asked to give the new file a unique name and location for easy retrieval.
Make Better Presentations
Now you know how to convert a PDF to PowerPoint, you’ll be able to quickly create presentations out of your existing documents with a few clicks of your mouse. Not only can you save the time of retyping everything into your presentation software, you can also add extra content that might not have been present in the original document. If you’re looking for additional images or videos to incorporate into your slideshow, Shutterstock has an entire library with millions of royalty-free content available on a subscription or on-demand basis.
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