How to Install Fonts

No matter if they’re spoken or written, words can be a powerful tool. While a speaker has the ability to change volume during an oration, it’s more difficult to convey tone while writing. You can create emphasis by using bolds or italics, but you can have much more impact by completely changing the letters to a different style. You don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to become a typography fanatic, as there are thousands of interesting font choices on the market. Here’s an overview of how to install fonts on your computer so you can get started creating dynamic documents.

Pick the Perfect Font
Before you install new fonts on your computer, you first need to find the ideal typeface to match the tone of your project. With so many talented typographers in the world, the styles run the gamut of creativity from campy and comical to stoic and serious. While you can let your imagination run wild, treat your font like seasoning for a dish and don’t go overboard with flair. You wouldn’t want it to distract from the message in your content.

Install on Windows Computers
If you’re running Windows 7 and beyond, the installation process for a font couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve downloaded your desired fonts, locate them on your computer, and extract them if they’re contained in a ZIP file. Look for files that end with a TTF or OTF extension, right-click and select “install.” The typeface should be available in any of your word processing or graphic design programs. For those still running older versions such as Vista or XP, unzip the folder, go to Control Panel and select “fonts.” Click “file,” and select “install new font.” Use the navigator to find the folder where your unzipped files are and install from there.

Installation on a Mac
Much like Windows, the process of installing fonts on a Mac is quite easy. Open the zipped folder and you’ll see a preview of the typeface. From there, you can click “install font” at the bottom of the window and you’re ready to go.
Enjoy Your New Typeface
Thanks to advances in operating systems, it shouldn’t take long to learn how to install fonts, which means you have more time to get started on your graphic design projects. If you need the right images to go along with your text, browse Shutterstock for a searchable library with millions of pictures available for purchase individually or through a monthly subscription package.

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