How to Install Adobe Connect Add-Ins

Adobe Connect is used to host meetings or presentations virtually. If you want to share your screen during one of these meetings or you don’t have Abode Flash Player installed, then the meeting application is required. Along with Adobe Connect, there are a variety of apps, patches and applications that come to improve the user experience and make meeting easier.

The application can be installed one of two ways:
  • Before the meeting, using different installers for Windows, Mac, MSI Installer for IT administrators or Standalone installer for Windows
  • During a meeting, Adobe Connect can be installed with a lightening download, meaning that as soon as you request to use certain functionalities, you will be prompted to download the application
There is currently no application for Linux, although Linux users can host, present or attend meetings within their browser. Those who have earlier version of Adobe Connect will find that their version is backward compatible with Adobe Connect 9 applications.
Adobe Connect also offer licensed deployments or patches, connect apps and mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.
How to Install for Windows
If you are running Windows, you’ll first download the Add-in from the Adobe site. You will want to save the file when asked, and if it’s not changed, the file will automatically be in the Downloads folder. Extract the package from the zip folder by opening the saved file (named set.exe.) and open this file to launch the installer. You will then have installer prompts to guide you through the process of installing the add-in.
How to Install for Mac OS
Download the Mac Add-in from the Adobe site and save the file. You will then extract the file from the saved file (ac_addin_mac_247.z) from the Downloads folder. Launch the installer by opening adobeconnectaddin-installer.pkg and follow the prompts until the add-in is installed.
The Benefit of Adobe Connect Add-Ins
Adobe Connect also offers add-ins for Windows and Microsoft Outlook only which allows meeting hosts to invite participants to a meeting right from Outlook. The goal with the Adobe Connect add-in is to make it easier for those in the user community to set up, invite and run a meeting directly from their email. For administrators that want to deploy the Adobe Connect add-ins to their users, there is an administrative installer available.
Adobe Connect is designed to make meeting with clients and co-workers around the world simple and functional. The Adobe Connect add-ins are vital to ensuring that you can enjoy all the program has to offer.

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