How to Embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint

When it’s time to give a presentation, a slideshow helps the audience visualize your information with written notes and graphics, but it’s not always the most dynamic medium. While you could add elements such as animation and interesting transitions, it takes much more flair to keep people interested in today’s multimedia world. Videos can go a long way towards keeping audience members engaged, and some programs make it easy to incorporate them into slideshows. Here’s a quick look at how to embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint presentations.

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Know the Benefits and Drawbacks of YouTube Videos 
When YouTube first hit the scene in 2005, it started a revolution in streaming online video. With a staggering 300 hours of content uploaded to the service every minute, there’s a nearly endless supply of footage. All clips are stored on YouTube’s servers and streamed directly to users on an on-demand basis, which has both positive and negative aspects. Since you don’t need to dedicate hard drive space on your computer, you have a lot more content at your fingertips, but you always need to have an internet connection to view a file.
Adding YouTube Videos to Your Presentation
Once you’ve found the perfect clip to accompany your slideshow, PowerPoint makes it easy to incorporate it into the presentation. Copy the URL from your web browser’s address bar, open your presentation and select the desired slide. Navigate to the insert tab, click the video button and select online video. Paste the URL into the search bar, click the thumbnail to highlight your clip and press the insert button. Once you’ve embedded the element, you can use the mouse to resize it the same way you would an image, text box or other elements.
Design a Dynamic Presentation
While this step-by-step guide shows you how to embed a YouTube video in PowerPoint, this only works in versions released from 2010 onward. For those using an older version of the software, you’ll need to upgrade to a newer version or use a different method to incorporate a clip into your slideshow. If you’re planning on delivering your presentation in a venue with no internet access, you’ll need to rely on offline clips saved directly to your hard drive. Shutterstock has you covered with an easily searchable library with millions of royalty-free videos in varying resolutions that you can save right to your computer.
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