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How to Email PDF from iBooks

iBooks allows you to save, share, sync, print and view PDFs from your iPod touch, iPhone or iPad. Any iOS operating system of 8 or later comes pre-installed with the iBooks application. PDF documents can be synced to your computer from iTunes or iBooks in iOS 10.1 or later. You may need to update your app regularly along with your software to ensure that all aspects are functioning correctly.
A PDF is a file that is saved from Adobe and is used often. The downside of a PDF is that it cannot be edited, but a PDF can be created from an Excel document, a Google sheet and even a Word document and you can even email PDF from iBooks directly. 

Viewing the PDF Attachment
If you receive an email with a PDF attached and want to open it through iBooks, use the following steps:
  • Open the email
  • Tap the attachment
  • Tap the Share icon in iBooks
  • To copy the attachment to iBooks, tap the copy to iBooks options
A copy of the PDF is automatically saved to your PDF shelf in iBooks every time you use the app to open a PDF file. Wen you sync your device with a computer, the file saves either to iTunes or iBooks.

Printing and Emailing PDFs
If you have a PDF file saved in your iBooks library, emailing it to another party is simple. Use the following steps to print or email or email a PDF from iBooks.
  • Open the iBooks application
  • Tap menu, which should be at the top of the screen and could also be called PDFs, Books, All Books or in a collection you created and named
  • On the pop-up men, select PDF
  • Choose the PDF that you want to email
  • In the top menu bar, tap on the Share icon; if the top menu bar does not appear immediately, tap anywhere on the screen for it to show up
  • Tap email
Once you get to this point, you will have the option to enter an email address. You can also add content to the message and the subject of the body. Once everything is in place and you have proofread your email, tap send.
iBooks makes it easy to download, save and share any PDF files that are important to you. Keep a collection of important files in your library or simply store yours on a shelf. The beauty of the application is that it can be customized for each individual user.
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