How to Convert PowerPoint to Word to Create Handouts

PowerPoint is a great resource for professionals in practically any field who need strong visuals to reinforce a presentation. It allows you to easily place images and text, change the order of slides, and its functions have become familiar enough to make it an almost universal tool. Unfortunately, PowerPoint doesn’t always lend itself smoothly to printing those slides in a way that makes them great for use as handouts. Luckily, there is a quick way to convert PowerPoint to Word so you can build stunning handouts with all your information, but without the extra visual clutter created by printing the raw slides.

Step by Step Conversion Instructions
Exporting your original PowerPoint is easy once you know where to go:
  1. Click on File, then on Export

  2. Click Create Handouts, then under Create Handouts From Microsoft Word, click on the small Create Handouts button there.

  3. The Send to Microsoft Word box will open next. You will need to choose the page layout option that works for you.

  4. Select either Paste to create a handout with static information or Paste Link to make a handout that will automatically update when slide information is updated.

  5. After you click OK, the new Word document will open in its own window. From there, you can easily edit information and change the layout to build a visually stunning handout that has all the relevant information from your presentation.

Troubleshooting the Export
When exploring how to convert PowerPoint to Word, you might encounter export operations that have hiccups in their conversion of the original file. When that happens, there are a few steps you can take to work around the problem. Most of the time, these issues are in the form of an error that says, “PowerPoint couldn’t write to Microsoft Word.” This error happens when your computer can not allocate enough memory to the operation. Converting files can be a resource-intensive operation, especially if you have a big PowerPoint. If this happens, simply restart your computer with no applications open except PowerPoint and try again.
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