How to Convert PowerPoint to Video

If you regularly give presentations, you probably use slideshows to enhance your talk, but they only bring a dynamic element to those in attendance for your session. If you’d like to make your presentations available long after you leave the podium, you have the option of converting them into videos with optional narration and laser pointer gestures. Here’s a quick guide on how to convert PowerPoint to video with instructions on how to do it on three different versions of the software.

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PowerPoint 2010
This is the oldest edition of PowerPoint that allows you to create video, but it’s still quite easy to accomplish this task. With your slideshow complete, go to save, click “save and send” and choose “create a video.” Pick your desired resolution and decide whether you’d like to use narration and timing before clicking the “create video” button and choosing a unique file name.
PowerPoint 2013
One of the features on this newer version of PowerPoint is an easier interface for creating videos from slideshows. Once you’ve recorded any narration and laser pointer guidance, save your work before choosing “create a video” from the export section of the file menu. From there, you can choose your resolution, incorporate narration and pick either Mpeg-4 or Windows Media Video as a file format.
PowerPoint 2016
With the latest version of PowerPoint, the process of converting your slideshow into a video stays largely the same, but additional resolution choices are available. While previous editions limited you to presentation, internet and low qualities, the 2016 release has the capability to create high-definition videos. For large monitors and projection screens, choose the Ultra HD mode for a stunning 4K presentation. Standard computer screens max out at 1080p, which is why you should select Full HD for those devices. If you’re only planning on sharing your presentations online, you can probably get away with 720p HD.
Give Better Access to Your Presentations
Now you know how to convert PowerPoint to video, you might be wondering why it’s worth doing, and there are a few answers to that question. Not only do videos make your presentations accessible to those without PowerPoint software, you can also stream them worldwide on YouTube and other platforms. Additionally, you’ll be able to ensure the audience sees your slideshow with the exact pace and content as you originally intended. To maximize the impact of your presentation before converting it to video, incorporate images, music and other elements from the massive royalty-free library of content available from Shutterstock.
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