How much do video clips cost?

While stock video footage is available in limited quantities around the web, professional quality content is generally much higher-impact. Shutterstock's collection of over 11,000,000 4K and HD royalty-free video clips is top-notch, curated by videographers and photographers around the globe. Our team views every image and clip submitted and approves only the best pieces to include in our collections.
The Cost
But how much will I have to pay, you want to know. Video cost depends on two factors: number of clips purchased and resolution selected.
Obviously, buying in bulk is your best bet. For example, individual HD clips start at $79 USD, while purchasing a pack of 25 clips reduces the per-clip price to about $63 USD. Pricing will vary based on resolution and quantity selected. Individual clip prices can be found on the clip detail page next to the size of the clip you're looking at. We also offer corporate solutions - learn more about bulk pricing, team use, and more, by clicking the banner below.

Note that sales tax, VAT or GST may apply to purchases.
The Details
The types of videos you can download when you purchase a video pack are equal or lower to the resolution you selected. For instance, if you purchase the 4K pack, you can download videos with resolutions of 4K, HD or SD. Video downloads are available for 365 days. Once downloaded, the videos are yours, free to use as you see fit within the rules outlined in our TOS.
The Benefits
Our collection of videos is a large and growing library from the worlds best videographers. With dozens of collections to choose from, including Foodies, Financial, Technology, Nature, Crowds, Balloons and more, there's a lot of something for just about everyone. You can find videos in slo-mo for greater impact, videos shot from above (using drones!), cinemagraphs and more.
Trying to put together a cohesive presentation? Scroll through our music selection or click on sound-clip recommendations to test your audio against your video. Download test clips to test them in your actual presentation or project to get a more solid idea of what the final product will look like.
The Restrictions
To access videos in a pack, you must download them within the 365-day grace period. Once the 365 days is up, the pack will expire. However, just like when purchasing single videos or images, once downloaded, you can redownload videos indefinitely. Simply go to your download history to locate previous downloads and click Redownload. Remember, to ensure uninterrupted access, Auto Renewal is on by default on video packs. This can be turned off anytime, during checkout or in your account settings.
When you purchase a clip from our site, you can count on it being of the best cinematic quality available. 

Need quality footage for your production?
Shutterstock’s corporate plans offer team usage and volume discounts, and we can arrange for more license flexibility. Let us help get you set up.
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