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How do I turn off Auto Renewal?

At Shutterstock, we offer a variety of subscription options to meet the needs of every customer. Our team, enterprise and individual plans ensure that you have access to the stock content you need right when you need it. The convenience of our plans is unparalleled, and our solutions are cost-effective and efficient when you need images, sounds tracks or video clips as quickly as possible.
What’s Included in a Shutterstock Plan?
Each plan is unique, but they all come with our Price Protection service, which allows you to keep your current price no matter how prices go up in the future. This protection stays in place after the original sign-up and purchase for 15 months.
To keep the Price Protection in place, the account must be set up on auto-renewal. When you sign up for a Shutterstock plan, the default option is for the plan to keep renewing each month without any work from you. This ensures that you always have access to the stock content you need without having to sign up repeatedly.
All basic and enhanced image plans are billed with auto renewal in one of two ways:
  • Several days before the expiration date, which is one year from the time of purchase
  • When the final download is made
Monthly plans are renewed several days before the end of the month, providing you with constant access to the over 50 million images Shutterstock offers. If you notice an automatic charge from us, there’s a good chance it’s your account renewing each month.
Can I Turn it Off?
If you prefer to control how often your account is renewed and don’t need constant access, you have the option to turn off auto renewal in your account. Simply login to your Shutterstock account, access your account details page and change the auto renewal option to off.
The major benefit to automatically renewing your account is that you get the Price Protection plan. If your account expires and you must sign up again each month or year, you’ll pay the increased price if any of the content is more expensive than it was when you first signed up. Auto renewal gives you access to content at the original price you signed up for.
We are proud of our huge selection of stock content and the convenience we offer our customers as they search for, download and edit content with our valuable tools. If you have questions about your account or auto renewal service, feel free to contact us today.
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