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How do I turn off Auto Renewal?

For your convenience, all of our plans are set to auto renew so you don’t have to go through the purchase process each month or when your pack downloads are depleted. Auto renewal is plan-specific, and must be managed separately for each plan you purchase. You can easily change your auto renewal settings from the Plans page of your account. You can learn more about how the auto renewal feature works here.

Can I turn it off?

If you prefer to control how often your plan is renewed, you have the option to turn off auto renewal in your account. Simply log in to your Shutterstock account, access your Plans page and change the auto renewal option to “Off”. Turning auto renewal off does not prevent you from using the downloads remaining in your current plan, but will prevent your plan from renewing the following month.

How do I end an annual commitment plan?

If you’d like to prevent your annual plan with Shutterstock from renewing for another year, you can turn off the renewal feature at any time. Turning off auto renewal does not change your annual commitment period and we will continue monthly billing for the duration of your plan. Learn more about that here.

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