How do I get a receipt?

Receipts for all purchases are stored in your Shutterstock account. Navigate to your Purchase History, where you’ll see a line item for each purchase made. In the right-hand column, you’ll see the receipt number. Click this to open a new tab and view the receipt.

For Image and Footage Receipts
Image and footage receipts will open a printable receipt in a new browser tab. This will include your billing address, VAT number if applicable, the product purchased, price, our contact info, and the terms of your purchase.

For Music Receipts
After clicking the receipt link, a new tab will open showing the receipt in a website format rather than a print format. On this page, clicking “Show complete order information” will expand to show relevant information, such as date of purchase, amount, and billing address.

To Print or Save a Receipt PDF
To print an image or footage receipt, simply choose Print from your browser’s file menu. To save a PDF version, after clicking Print, you should see an option to save or open the receipt as a PDF. The exact process will vary slightly by browser.

To print a music receipt, after opening the new tab, you’ll see a “Print receipt” button in the top center of the page. This will open your browser’s print dialogue, from which you can print the receipt. From the print dialogue, you should also see an option to save as a PDF.

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