How do I download music?

You don’t need to be a subscriber to browse our music selection and once you are ready to download the right track, simply add it to your cart for checkout.


Music track lengths

A full track is a complete musical mix with an introduction and an ending. Track durations vary and may be as short as 50 seconds or as long as 10 minutes and come in a .wav format.

Short clips are a set of 15, 30 and 60 seconds music clips designed for TV and radio advertising. They can also be used for podcasts, video ads, or any project requiring a short music excerpt.

A music loop is a piece that “loops” or repeats itself indefinitely. Loops of various types and durations are offered  with each track. Please note that loops are always delivered in .wav format only because MP3 format is not suitable for looping. Each music loop is repeated 3 times as a demo in the preview music player. The loops set contains all the loops shown in the preview window and do NOT contain an end piece - only the loops.

Stems are individual audio tracks of a song that separate crucial instruments. They're very useful in editing and remixing to create a unique version of the track.


Music file formats

After you purchase a license from our site, you will have the option to download the full track file and a separate zip file of Shorts and Loops in broadcast quality .wav format.

What you hear when previewing music on Shutterstock Music is compressed MP3 quality.



Customers can preview a track for free before deciding on making a purchase. Simply click the “Try” icon from the track row, audio player or track detail page. 

Downloading from the home or search results page:

  • Select a track and click the “Add to cart” button.

  • Once in the cart, choose either the Standard or Enhanced License and click “Checkout now.”

  • On the order summary click “Complete checkout.”

  • Go to order confirmation and click “Download.”

  • Download Full track, "Shorts, Loops & Stems" or both files.


Downloading from the track detail page:

  • Choose either the Standard or Enhanced License and click “Add to cart” then “View cart.” 

  • On the order summary click “Checkout now.”

  • Select “Complete checkout.” 

  • Go to order confirmation and click “Download.”

  • Download Full track, "Shorts, Loops & Stems" or both files.

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