How do I download Images?

You don’t need to be a subscriber to browse our selection of over 200 million images, and you can even create a collection for your images before you decide on a plan. Once you are ready to download the images, you’ll need to choose a subscription plan that fits your needs before you are able to download. After you set up your plan, there are a few easy ways to download an image.
From an Image Collection
 If you are downloading from an image collection, the following steps will help you simplify the process.
  • Click on the collection you’d like to download from
  • Choose the image and hover over it
  • Click the download button that appears when you hover
  • When you click download, a summary will appear
  • Choose the image size and plan you are using to download
  • Click download
  • As the image begins to download, you’ll be sent back to the collection page and you can start the process over again
Whether you’ve created a collection or are using one of ours, we make it easy to keep track of the images you want to use even before you subscribe with us.
From the Image Detail Page
When you download from the image detail page, follow these steps to do so:
  • Choose the image size next to the image: small, medium, large, and XL
  • Our advice is to download the large size and then rescale it when needed
  • Click the download button in red
  • You will now be taken to the download page
  • Choose the plan you want to buy from off the dropdown; if you only have one plan, that will be the default
  • Hit confirm and download
  • The image will download immediately to the folder you’ve selected
In some cases, when you are downloading a photo, you may have the choice to choose an enhanced license. If you choose to, just check the box. This is a separate transaction/license and won’t use your available downloads.
Have Problems or Questions?
We strive to always be available to all our customers of all sizes. Although some plans come with a dedicated account representative, a Shutterstock customer service agent is always willing to take your call and answer any questions you have about our content, our plans or how to download.
While downloading from our site should be easy, we understand that technical difficulties arise that are often out of your hands. If this happens are you need help with troubleshooting, please feel free to contact us immediately.

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