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How do I cancel my Shutterstock plan?

To guarantee that you have access to all the downloads you need right when you need them, Shutterstock plans are offered on a subscription basis. We have plans for individual users and for multiple users and we can even create one that is customized to fit your needs. Because our plans are all subscription based, cancelling them is as simple as changing your account options at the right time.
All our plans provide full access to millions of images, basic editing features, free plug-ins for the programs you use the most and the ability to share and create collections within your downloads. Other options offered with the enterprise and team plans include:
  • Multiple user license coverage
  • Professional editing features
  • An account representative dedicated to helping you manage your account
Whether you have an account representative or not, we make it easy to manage your Shutterstock plan. Although there are significant benefits to keeping your plan active, you can also cancel your membership on your own, based on the following guidelines.
Annual Subscriptions
Annual plans are billed monthly and offer a discounted monthly price for content because you made a year-long commitment. If you need to cancel before your year is up, there may be a small fee assessed for cancellation. The best way to cancel is to contact one of our account representatives.
On Demand and Monthly Subscriptions
Our on demand and monthly subscriptions are automatically renewed. On demand plans provide access for a year for any remaining downloads you have purchased. When monthly plans are cancelled, you retain access until your next billing date. To cancel these plans, go to your account details page and turn off the auto renewal option.
Why You Should Keep Your Plan
The reason our plans are offered on a subscription basis is to provide you with additional discounts that last longer. Shutterstock offers a Price Protection feature that keeps your images at the same price for 15 months if your account is on auto renewal. This means that even if the price of your content is raised, you pay the same amount during that time. If your plan is active, you benefit from the Price Protection feature.
If you have questions about how to cancel your subscription plan or how to address anything else in your account, we encourage you to contact one of our representatives today through live chat, email or with a phone call. We are happy to address your issue and provide you information about the cancellation process and any fees that may be involved with it.
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