How do I cancel my Shutterstock plan?

Shutterstock plans are offered on a subscription basis to ensure that you never run out of downloads. Cancellation eligibility varies based on the plan you have.

Monthly Subscriptions and On Demand Plans
Recurring charges for these plans can be stopped simply by turning off the Auto Renewal feature. For monthly subscriptions, your plan remains available until the next billing date. For On Demand plans, you’ll have access to any remaining downloads until they expire (365 days after purchase).

Annual Subscriptions
If you’ve purchased a one-year plan with monthly billing, you opted for a plan which offers a discounted monthly price for a one year commitment.

If you need to cancel your plan before the annual commitment is completed there may be a fee assessed at the time of plan cancellation. For more information or to request a cancellation, please contact us.

Price Protection
By turning off Auto Renewal, you’ll be opting out of Shutterstock’s Price Protection feature (for image plans), which locks in the base price of your image plan (excluding discount codes) so that you continually pay the same amount, even if prices go up in the future. Price Protection works for 15 months after your original purchase, as long as your plan stays active with Auto Renewal.
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