How can I use footage and video for my small business?

If you aren’t using video footage for small business marketing, you’re missing out on one of the most effective forms of advertising. Video marketing is not just for large businesses with equally large marketing budgets. Every business owner can benefit from using footage in his or her marketing efforts.
Don’t have the budget, time or expertise to shoot your own videos? That’s okay! You can still benefit from video marketing. Stock video footage makes it easier than ever to find professional, interesting footage that meets your needs. If you’re wondering how to use footage and video for your small business, here are a few ideas to get you started.
Social Media Posts 
When you think of social media marketing, you probably envision one or two short sentences containing a sprinkling of keywords and a clever hashtag. While this is the standard accepted format for social media marketing posts, why not think outside the box? By simply incorporating video into your social media marketing plan, you can expand your audience base and improve your brand recognition. 
Product Teasers 
Getting ready to release a new product? Creating a small teaser video to stimulate anticipation and curiosity in your viewers is a great way to attract interest. Like a movie trailer, a product teaser shows customers just enough to get them excited and eager to learn more.
Live Q&A Sessions 
Companies that are approachable and “real” tend to be more trustworthy. If you’re trying to build rapport with your existing customers or potential clients, a great way to achieve your goal is through live video Q&A sessions. They’re easy to set up, typically informal, and give your customers an opportunity to receive immediate answers to their questions – directly from the most knowledgeable source (you).
“How-To” Videos 
When you own a small business, you may not have the time to respond to every customer’s questions about your products. Fortunately, “how-to” videos can potentially reduce customer questions by showing viewers what the product is and exactly how it works. Not only will you create better engagement with your “how-to” videos, but you’ll gain the trust of skeptical shoppers who need to see a product in action before buying it.
Where To Find Quality Footage 
It’s easy to find footage for small business marketing when you create an account with Shutterstock. Download a single clip or save money by purchasing a pack of clips you can use to market your business throughout the year.

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