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How can I use editorial content?

How Can I use Editorial Content?
When you're browsing through the Shutterstock library of images, you may notice that some are marked for "Editorial Use Only." You can still access and use pictures and footage with this restriction, but only for specific types of content. Here is a thorough overview of how to properly use editorial content.

How To Find Editorial and Non-Editorial Content
The "editorial" tag refers to content that is not authorized for commercial use. In many cases, images and footage of newsworthy events and public-interest subjects fall under this category.
When you search for images in Shutterstock's library, the default setting for results is All Images, which includes both editorial and non-editorial content. If you search for "recent events," the resulting list includes some images with the Editorial Only restriction. You can filter the search results by clicking on the More menu at the top of the page and selecting the box next to Editorial or Non-Editorial, depending on what sort of images you want.
You can also limit your search to editorial content by clicking on the Editorial drop-down at the very top of the Shutterstock page. By clicking on Editorial, you can search for a subject with the results limited to editorial-use images. There are also several popular categories you can browse through, including entertainment, news, royalty, and sports.
If you are searching for footage rather than images, it's easiest to perform the search first and then filter the results. Click on the Footage option at the very top of the page, and then enter your subject into the search bar. On the search results page, click on the Filter option at the left side of the search bar to select between Editorial and Non-Editorial licensed footage.
Acceptable Uses of Editorial Content
You are free to use content with the Editorial Only making for any articles or stories that are not designed for commercial use. There are no exceptions to this restriction, so even religious and nonprofit organizations must comply with the editorial guidelines. Some of the common ways to use editorial content include the following:
  • news articles, archives, and publications
  • documentaries
  • nonfiction books
Unacceptable Uses of Editorial Content
If you aren't sure whether your project falls under the acceptable uses for editorial content, you can compare it to this list of areas that are not approved for Editorial Use content:
  • promotional articles and graphics
  • commercial videos
  • packaging of products for sale
  • advertising
  • merchandise
You can find the images and footage you need for your article or project within Shutterstock's vast library of royalty-free options. Editorial Use Only content is perfect for news aricles, public-service content, and other non-commercial applications.

Is there any way to use editorial images commercially?
Shutterstock may be able to work with the photographer and any rights holders to acquire commercial use rights in certain cases. Learn more here.

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